Grady Celebrates: Mrs. Andrea Proctor-Brown's 25th Anniversary

October 1, 2019 10:40 AM
Mrs. Andrea Proctor-Brown on her 25th Grady Anniversary ©

Today, Grady Management is proud to spotlight Andrea Proctor-Brown, a community manager at Fox Hills North who is celebrating 25 years with our organization. Andrea remembers starting at Grady 25 years ago, she recalls looking up in the yellow pages for job openings and saw that Fox Hills was the top of the list. Her husband insisted on her applying here and said it would be a great opportunity so she went for it.  Andrea started at Fox Hills North as a Marketing Consultant in 1994, moved on to an Assistant Manager position in 1998 and then got promoted to a Community Manager in 2004.


I asked Andrea what were some of her best memories here and she goes in dept.; she was trained by our Director of Marketing Stacy Whyte over 20 years ago, she was then Assistant Manager at Fox Hills North. She recalls being somewhat timid to move forward in her positions and to accept recognition for her hard work but she says that her grandmother gave her the push she needed to make her go after what she deserved. Andrea tells us about one of her other passions- doing hair. “If it wasn’t Grady I would’ve opened a hair salon and did hair. I loved it. It was definitely one of my passions.” Andrea has received awards from Assistant Manager of the Year and so much others.

 She loves working with people and connected with everyone in her area. She loves being at Fox Hills and calls this her "second home". When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Andrea replied: "Being able to help, change, and inspire people's lives." She explains how Grady Management has always been a family to her- she feels that being here is her calling. She is loved by her staff- former and present. I asked what you would say they would characterize you as their boss and she replies “They know I mean business, I’m very sweet but I never come out of character and they know how stern I am when it comes to work ethic, timing etc”

She raised her two kids, got married and purchased her first home while being with Grady and dedicates her success to being at this organization. While I was interviewing her she received a text from her employee: “25 years is a huge milestone. I’m very proud to call you my boss, I’m glad to have you as my remodel and I’m pretty sure your children are too. I want to be just like one day.”


Please join us as we congratulate Andrea on her 25th Anniversary at Grady Management, Inc.! We appreciate everything you do for us.





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