Grady Celebrates Mrs. Mary's 50th Anniversary

June 21, 2019 02:19 PM
Mrs. Mary on her 50th Grady Anniversary

This week, Grady Management, Inc. is proud to spotlight Mrs. Mary, a Residents Service Coordinator who is celebrating 50 years with our organization.

When asked her favorite part of the job, Mary replied: "I enjoyed dealing with the people. I never had a problem with anyone. I love working with people and talking to them. We used to have a baseball team called the “Grady’s Ladies” and we would play ball. Mary also enjoyed spending time at the pool when her community threw pool parties.They got the chance to bring their whole family and she often brought along her husband and her son. She recalls waking them up at 7am and getting ready to go down to the pool for a fun day of sun with food. Ever so often Mr. Grady would invite us to his house for a cookout as well.

Over the years Mary has established relationships with many residents. She says that: "I build so many connections with the people I worked with. The residents say “When you leave I’m leaving too” but I laugh and say no! Stay! Because me leaving is not going to have anything to do with you not being taken care of. The people here all enjoy taking care of people."

Reflecting on her 50 years with Grady Management she describes how supportive her team was: "They would offer me help and say If you don’t remember come back and ask! It made me feel good to be with this company knowing that I was surrounded by people willing to help me." Looking forward to the future of her and Grady Management, Mrs. Mary was asked what would she tell someone new coming into the company, she says that "Personally, I would tell them that Grady Management is a good company to work for. It's not an environment where someone stands over your shoulder 24/7, but they give you that opportunity to learn." 

Mrs. Mary is such a wonderful person to be around and she loves being around others to help and take care of them and their needs. We enjoy having her as a part of the team here at Grady Management! 





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