#LifeHacks: 10 Things People With Clean Homes Always Do!

July 13, 2021 12:17 PM
Have you ever watched a television show- and no matter what their house was sparkling clean? Their rooms are always tidy, their floors are always clean, and everything seems to always have a home. Do you ever wonder how do they do it? With the help of HGTV, here are some tips on how to get started. 
  • They Make Their Bed – People who maintain the clean appearance of their home never leave the house without making the bed. For many, it's the first thing they do when they get up in the morning. We get it, it probably seems like a weird, pointless habit. After all, you're going to mess it up later anyway. But trust us- you'll be thankful that you did.
  • They Never Wear Shoes in the House – Even when your shoes seem clean, they are still covered in dirt and bacteria. This means that when you wear them in the house or on the furniture, you're spreading those germs around your home. Plus, if you're dragging in specks of dirt, not only are you obviously spreading it on the floors, but ay tiny rocks or material stuck in your shoes can cause costly damage to your floors. 
  • They Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed– If you grew up with parents that always reminded  you to take your dishes with you as you went? Guess what? They were right! Getting into the habit of putting items away as you leave a room leads to an effortlessly clean house.
  • They Open Mail Everyday – Clean houses are definitely anti-clutter zones. This means that when clutter such as mail comes into the house, it gets sorted and opened immediately. The junk mail get recycled, and the important stuff gets dealt with. 
  • They Clean as They Go– We've all been there. You spend time making a great meal, enjoy a fun night with friends and family, and then everyone leaves but the mess is still there. Clean people avoid this tragedy but cleaning as they go. Done with the pans and pot/ Give it a quick wash in the sink rather than tossing it on the "dirty" pile. A little effort can go a long way.
  • They Set Time to Do a Quick Clean – If your day is seeming hectic, it could be something as simple as your surroundings being out of order. In these moments, people should stay calm, cool and collected. They simply set a timer and do a quick cleaning. The reset of the environment helps your space to feel relaxed and in order. 
  • They Keep the Air Fresh – If you've ever walked into a friend's house and been blown away by how clean and fresh it smells, odds are that didn't just happen on purpose. Whether they diffuse essential oils, light a fragrant candle or simply open the window every once in a while to bring in fresh air indoors, keeping the air fresh isn't just an afterthought. 
  • They Make Chores a Part of Their Lifestyle- Folding clothes while watching TV, doing a quick sweep while dinner is cooking or simply organizing the fridge when you reach for your next snack are all good habits to have that will keep your house constantly clean. If folding clothes seems like last thing you want to do, pair it with the first thing you want to do, and it really won't seem so bad. 
  • They Put Things Away Immediately – No more jackets on the bed, shoes on the floor or keys on the counter. If you want a clean home, you have to get into the habit of always putting things away immediately. This so imperative. Your environment will never seem clean if whenever you finally put one thing away, there are two new things waiting to be put away. Make it easier for yourself by hanging up jackets, picking up shoes and cleaning up before you leave an area. 
  • They Never Go to Bed With a Dirty Sink– This may be the biggest game changer. Your home could be unorganized, but if you have a clean sink and kitchen, everything will be okay. Dishes left overnight are a haven for bugs, mice and lingering odors. If you clean one thing each day, we suggest the kitchen sink.
Making this cleaning habits become rituals in your home and improve the quality of your experience living in your home. Additionally, if you live with family members or a roommate- you can encourage them to explore these ideas to lessen the tasks for each person! 

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