Three Benefits of Biking for Apartment Residents

June 22, 2016 03:35 PM
Wood Lee Arms in Arlington, Virginia is located near a Capital Bikeshare station.
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When searching for a new apartment, it is important to look at features and community amenities to find the perfect fit.  

For avid bikers, many Grady managed communities offer ideal amenities that make biking for fun or sport a simple and attainable part of the day!  Learn about some of the benefits of biking and the corresponding communities that offer amenities for bikers:

1) Easy: Biking is a simple and fun way to go to work, run errands, and spend time with friends.  Additionally, maintaining a bike can be much easier than caring for a car or relying on public transportation when going on short trips.  Communities such as 3350 at Alterra in Hyattsville, Maryland even offers residents a bicycle repair station to maintain their bikes.

2) Health: Bicycling not only has physical but numerous mental benefits for regular riders.  Biking is a form of cardio exercise that is both easier on body joints (compared to running) but still a great workout.  Riding a bike also increases stamina and reduces insomnia due to exposure to the sun and the subsequent uptick in Vitamin D.  For residents who enjoy a more vigorous bike riding experience, communities such as East of Market in Frederick, Maryland offer close proximity to numerous trails such as Frederick's hiker/ biker trail for unlimited riding opportunities.  

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3) Green: Cars and motorized transportation consumes gas and releases harmful chemicals into the air.  Biking is a clean and natural form of transportation and an efficient way to get around the neighborhood.  Dulles Center in Herndon, Virginia even offers bicycle storage for residents to ensure the bikes stay in pristine condition in between trips.

For apartment renters who may not be ready to purchase a bike or simply want to give it a try, several Grady managed communities are located near Capital Bikeshare stations that rent bikes.  Wood Lee Arms in Arlington, Virginia (pictured above) is adjacent to a local bikeshare.

Learn more about community amenities such as bike storage on the "Find a Home" section of the Grady Management website.

Don't forget to read our last news feature on Grady Management's involvement in the PMA's community service project.  View our website or visit us on Facebook to learn more about Grady Management.





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