Three Online Tools for Apartment Residents

September 19, 2017 02:47 PM
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Whether reading the news, checking out an e-book from the local library, paying a bill, or talking to friends or family members who may live abroad, it is easier than ever to access the internet and be productive with only the touch of a button.

Did you know that Grady Management, Inc. offers three online resources for our residents?  If you live in a community managed by Grady Management and find that you enjoy completing tasks online, from the comfort of your home, read below to ensure you are making the most of these online tools: 

1) Pay rent: An alternative to paying rent with a check or money order is by accessing an online payment portal and paying rent online.  All Grady Management residents can easily pay rent online from their community website or from the Grady Management website by logging into their respective resident portal.  Residents can even set up recurring rent payments.  Learn more about this process here.

2) Submit a service request: Residents can still submit service requests in person or by a phone call to their community team.  However, for residents who prefer an online approach, it is possible to submit service requests online.  Some community websites offer the option to submit an online service request and all communities are listed on the Service Request page of the Grady Management website

3) Connect with your team: Residents can submit questions and/ or comments to their dedicated community team members online as well!  Easily complete an online Contact Us form on the Grady Management website and, with the click of a button, the form will be emailed to your community team and responded to promptly.

Have a question or comment about these online resources?  Don't hesitate to contact Grady Management.

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