Three Ways "Bike To Work Day" Can Benefit Apartment Residents

May 3, 2017 10:29 AM
Bike to Work Day will take place on Friday, May 19.
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Sponsored by Commuter Connections and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, Bike to Work Day is an annual event that encourages commuters to ride their bikes to and from work in order to promote bicycling as a fun and energy-efficient way to travel.  

This year, Bike to Work Day is on Friday, May 19.  Participants receive refreshments at pit stops during the event and are entered into raffles to win various prizes, including a new bike.

Bike to Work Day has numerous benefits for participants.  Below, Grady Management details three of the benefits that apartment residents can experience after participating in Bike to Work Day:

car_graphic1) Commuting reliably and easily: Some residents prefer to commute to work by driving their car, while others live in apartment communities close to methods public transportation like the Metro or MARC train.  Bike to Work Day sponsors strive to promote biking as an equally reliable and convenient way to get to work.  And, unlike cars or other vehicles, bikes are relatively easy and cost-efficient to repair and maintain.  Bikes are also the perfect size to easily store in an apartment when not in use.  Some apartment communities even have specific amenities for bike riders- such as bike repair stations or storage areas.

greenliving_lightbulb_20172) GreenLiving is now a routine: Biking is a great and simple way to promote a "green", eco-friendly, lifestyle.  Biking produces no harmful chemicals or pollutants; motorized vehicles, however, can produce pollutants that can eventually harm the ozone layer and damage plant life and waterways.  Biking is an easy way for apartment residents to make a direct, green impact within their community.  Bike To Work Day promotes the green aspect of biking during the event

people_graphic_20173) Collaborating with neighbors and/ or the local community: Biking is a great way for apartment residents to form connections with neighbors and their apartment community as a whole- by forming biking groups with people commuting in the same direction or traveling to similar locations.  Bike to Work Day organizers encourage participants to find a "Biking Buddy" during the event or to join a "Bike Caravan," a group of riders led by an experienced biker who acts as a guide.

Bike to Work Day is a free event, and participants are encouraged to register online to receive more information about their route.  Learn more information about this event on the official website.

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